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Brushless 305mm 24V

Brushless 305mm 24V
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Model: AX24BL009C-B305-2SP-02
Part No.: 01.24.01/01.24.02/01.24.03
Manufacturer: Tonada

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DC24V, Max.Airflow 2830 m3/h, Current Input 8.5A; 

1 speed version  and 2 speeds version and variable speed version are avaiable;

Model: AX24BL009C-B305-1SP-02 (P/N: 01.24.01) (Blowing, 1 speed)  

Model: AX24BL009C-B305-VSP-02 (P/N: 01.24.02) (Blowing, variable speeds) 

Model: AX24BL009C-B305-2SP-02 (P/N: 01.24.03) (Blowing, 2 speeds) 

Ref:      T- VA01-BP70/LL-79S

Tonada EC axial fans allow higher speed and tolerate backpressure better than AC motor and it can carry out intellectual regulation during operation through the pulse-width modulated signal open-loop control. DC motor is especially suitable for air flowing, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration and automobile industry etc.


We adopted the advanced aerodynamics philosophy for fans, which are highly efficient and generate less noise. Fans with curved or straight blades are available; DC brushless condenser fans with single-speed version, double-speed version or variable-speed version, and the intelligent electronic controllers with internal (integrated with motor) or external version are available.

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No Carbon Brush; Low Power Consumption; Super Long Service Life; Maintenance-free; Environment-friendly; Short Circuit Protection; Over-current Protection; Over-temperature Protection; Over-voltage Protection; Under-voltage Protection; Locked-rotor protection.

Brushless 305mm 24V
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Brushless 305mm 24V
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